#4 Of things and stuff

Ya me With thoughts running wild A jumping monkey Gone out of control Lurking inside my brain Was unable to restrain Ya me And then you- Oh, you were I did not expect This kind of a test Ending with success- The kind which can’t be told   Ya me You got me right all […]

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#3 ME! Yeah ME!

Many times we forget to thank many people. But, the most forgotten person, is we ourselves! You should be happy that YOU exist! Even grateful perhaps. Knowingly or unknowingly, every single one of us is a reason for some part of someone else’s life. It maybe for good, bad, happiness, or sorrow, but it adds […]

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#2 A Three!

Sometimes one can’t be all expressive, thoughts need to be hidden and concealed, and thanks too 🙂 Happiness is?? A smile becomes wide, A laugh becomes loud, A talk becomes chatter!   Happiness is? Time just flies, You loved every bit of it, You want more and more, You know its forever!   Happiness is?? […]

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#1 D for Doctor

Before I start, a quick intro into what this blog is and why I am writing it. Sometimes somethings happen in life, that make you realize that your entire existence is so very dependent on so many other people, those whom you know, those whom you don’t, those whom you may forever remember, and those […]

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