#1 D for Doctor

Before I start, a quick intro into what this blog is and why I am writing it. Sometimes somethings happen in life, that make you realize that your entire existence is so very dependent on so many other people, those whom you know, those whom you don’t, those whom you may forever remember, and those whom you may forget. This blog is my attempt to pen down my gratitude to all those people to whom I feel highly indebted.

My atte whom I have loved the most since forever has been hospitalized since yesterday. Its the first time some one I know very closely, whom I lived with since I was born, who is a prominent part of my life, whom I love beyond anything is this seriously unwell. Her life is one of sacrifice, constant difficulties and struggle.. hmm I am probably going to write a book about her someday because one blog post will not do justice to her story.

Going by the theme of my blog, whom do I want to pay tribute to today?  The watchman who called for a wheelchair as soon we went to hospital gate, the ayah who got the wheel chair, helped us to make atte sit on it and took us to the casualty room, the doctor who attended to her, the ward boys who shifted her to ward, the nurses who put all kind of tubes and gave medicines, the ayahs who helped in all other things, the specialists, the round doctors, the hospital canteen staff, the pharmacy guy, the sweepers, the cleaners — all these and many many more.

One may say these people are doing their work, and they do it everyday, for all patients, the make us pay for it and get paid for their work. Well, yeah. But the very nature of their work, the way they do it with utmost dedication is what I say thanks for. Throughout the world, every jiffy innovations happen, breakthroughs happen as human race constantly aspires to go a step above where they are. But the only profession where you can touch someones’s life at their most difficult point, is being a doctor. By doctor I don’t mean only the person who has a medical degree. Doctor includes every care giver, every support staff, every one in the entire setup.

The watchman who has a quite a big mustache smiles at me now when I go to the gate, the ayah is always lively and ready to render her service irrespective of her own lunch, breaks etc. She does gets frustrated at times, but the lingering smile underneath soon comes back and she is ready to march again. The ward boy, tall and lean waves at me now, when he sees me sitting at a corner.

There is death around, there is pain, there is also a new born opening eyes into this confusing vast world. A hospital is a like a world within a world, things happening round the clock.

I am an IAS Aspirant, so I easily rant up on the various cons of our health care system. How the draft National Health Policy is not up to the mark, how India spends a tiny winy bit of GDP on health care, how most hospitals lack facilities, so on and so forth. Yeah, they maybe indeed true, and the all smiling account I have given may not be true everywhere or for everyone.

But yet, the fact that doctors ( all inclusive, remember?) exist, I say thanks to that. I say thanks to everyone and anyone in the entire world who are involved in this care giving in some way or another. Any one aspiring to take up medicine as a career, but if people say “You’ll end up studying until you are middle age, better take up engineering”, just give this a thought. Do you want to create a necessity, cater to that, then make peoples lives simpler or do you want to cater to their actual difficulty and help them lead a life?

Until next time I want to express my tribute, adios.

4 thoughts on “#1 D for Doctor

  1. true to the fact and to the point. this blogpost has to be read by everyone who is in the healthcare profession, it will serve as an inspiration for them to touch more lives; and will serve as corner-stone for bright young people who are willing to join this noble fraternity. Thanks to the writer in sharing the experiences and may atte get well soon!!


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