#3 ME! Yeah ME!

Many times we forget to thank many people. But, the most forgotten person, is we ourselves! You should be happy that YOU exist! Even grateful perhaps.

Knowingly or unknowingly, every single one of us is a reason for some part of someone else’s life. It maybe for good, bad, happiness, or sorrow, but it adds up to the need for our existence.

What got me so philosophical about me is, watching this old movie named Its a Wonderful Life

If you haven’t watched it, I strongly recommend you to do so now. To all those people who commit suicides and end their lives, seriously guys you never knew how truly wonderful you and your lives was. And to all those who have such ideas, whoever you are, whatever is your problem, its solvable, and you and your life matters to the zenith to tiny winy things in other people, other places, you just don’t realize it!

Each of our existence itself is remarkable indeed. If I didn’t exist in this world, for starters, wordpress would have had one less user! This post wouldn’t exist, and probably someone somewhere reads this and gets out of a terrible depression – that wouldn’t happen. I can go on building on this, but the gist is – I am Awesome! I love the fact I exist! 😀

Whoever you are

However remote and far

Be thankful for you


The lives you have and will touch are not few

Pay your tribute

For that wonderful person

Who is you




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