#4 Of things and stuff

Ya me

With thoughts running wild

A jumping monkey

Gone out of control

Lurking inside my brain

Was unable to restrain

Ya me

And then you-

Oh, you were

I did not expect

This kind of a test

Ending with success-

The kind which can’t be told


Ya me

You got me right all along

From the start

How is that so, I wonder

Coz I assumed

I’m a complicated soul

Ya me

Little did I expect

This turn of events

To speak my heart out – almost

Ah! the mysterious life

In its dark corners

A sudden burst of light


Ya me

Gush of feelings

Rush of blood

I will now sprint

At the single point –

Of victory ahead

The monkey now

Knows its tree

Ya me

Of things and stuff

I may falter,

I’ll get better

Now – a huge thank you

From me

Of things and stuff

#ASpecialTribute #ThanksToMrUnexpected

Edit: This was rather a concealed tribute. Wanted to edit long back and mention the name of the guy who pretty much has changed my approach to life and helped me get back on track when I was at one of the low ebbs in my life. Incidentally, no one has ever had that much of an impact on me, or made me feel like I look up to them, or make me realize the necessary of a mentor. I am thankful and lucky to have had met him in most unexpected of circumstances( this story warrants  an another post by itself 😀 )

Well, not beating around the bush further – Thank you Ashish, I hope and will be a similar guiding force to others, no other way can I return your favor 🙂


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